Authorization tables

USOBT : Relation transaction > authorization object
TOBJ : Authorization Objects
TOBJT : Short Texts for Authorization Objects
TACTZ : Valid activities for each authorization object
LDBB : Authorization objects for logical database
COACTA : Assignment of actions to authorization objects
USOTT : Relation transaction > authorization object
RSSTOBJDIR : Management Table for Authorization Objects
KBEROBJ : Settings for authorization objects in Cost Center Accounting
AUSOBT : Relation transaction > authorization object
TCG36 : EHS: Specification Authorization Object
TOBJVORDAT : Field Values for SAP_NEW Authorization Objects
TCG37 : EHS: Language-Dependent Desc. for Spec. Authorization Object
TOBJVORFLG : Flags for Authorization Objects
TOBJVOR : SAP_NEW Release-Dependent Data for Authorization Objects
FMTACTZ : FM: Valid Activities per Authorization Object (same TACTZ)
AGR_1251 — Authorization data for the activity group
TOBJ — Authorization Objects
OBJS — Object: Object List
TBRG — Authorization groups
UST12 — User master: Authorizations
USR12 — User Master Authorization Values
TSTCA — Values for transaction code authorizations
USOBT — Relation transaction > authorization object
AGR_USERS — Assignment of roles to users
PLOG — Planning and Organization File
USOBT_C — Relation Transaction > Auth. Object (Customer)
TACT — Activities which can be Protected
AGR_1252 — Organizational elements for authorizations
USOBX_C — Check Table for Table USOBT_C
TACTZ — Valid activities for each authorization object

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