Date formatting CL_ABAP_DATFM

Date formatting Using CL_ABAP_DATFM

Date formatting Using CL_ABAP_DATFM



This post include the Sample program using the class CL_ABAP_DATFM for doing basic date formating.

Author(s):  Vinod Kumar T

Company:     NIIT Technologies Limited
Created on:    07.08.2010
Author(s) Bio
Vinod Kumar is an ABAP Consultant working with NIIT Technologies Limited.

CL_ABAP_DATFM methods used in Sample Code

Method Description
GET_DATFM To get currently active date format
CHECK_DATE_FORMAT Check the validity of the date format
GET_NUM_OF_DATEFORMATS Total Number of Date formats available in the system
GET_DELIMITER To get delimiter of selected date format
GET_DATE_FORMAT_DES Date format Describer
GET_PERIOD_FORMAT_DES Period format Describer
CONV_DATE_INT_TO_SHORTEX Convert Internal Date to Abbrevated date without Year
CONV_DATE_EXT_TO_INT Convert External Date to Internal Date
CONV_DATE_INT_TO_EXT Convert Internal Date to External Date
CONV_PERIOD_EXT_TO_INT Convert External Period to Internal Period
CONV_PERIOD_INT_TO_EXT Convert Internal Period to External Period

Input Screen

Sample Code

Report Output

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